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"BLUE." Is Dead.

2010-08-01 07:39:48 by OfficialFredLozano

It seems that despite my intentions on picking up the mouse and actually completing BLUE., I've opted to simply let it rot. I have no interest whatsoever in seeing the completion. I've looked back upon the work I finished and it simply wasn't holding up to what I imagined it would look like once completed. So, yeah. BLUE. is no more...

Fear not!

For I have begun moving ahead at rapid speed on an upcoming project that I hope to have released within a month or two. For now, I'll simply leave you with a screenshot...

NOTE: The "paper cutout" aspect will make sense once I begin to show footage and reveal the general plot. Take care!

"BLUE." Is Dead.

Trailer for BLUE.

2010-02-02 17:58:49 by OfficialFredLozano

Is here!!

Vote, comment, watch, enjoy!


2010-01-11 08:39:47 by OfficialFredLozano

nsomnia...insomnia...aionmosni...aionm osn...aionmos...aionmo...aion...aio...

Which means that I've been frantically working on BLUE. So, here's a goodie for you all... the first screenshot!! Which you can view with BETTER QUALITY and RATE here or simply view here:


Hello and "BLUE."

2010-01-09 04:24:55 by OfficialFredLozano

Hello, and welcome to my artist page. I'm Fred Lozano, an 18-year old aspiring filmmaker who on his free-time animates using Adobe Flash. So, enough of that.

Tonight, for some odd reason around 4AM I decided to release the teaser trailer to my flash debut "BLUE." which can be found here: BLUE. Teaser Trailer